Working Group 4

In this working group the Action has investigated the current state of the art in regards to system analysis and modeling in forest operations. The purpose was to compare the different and numerous system analysis approaches and models (from simple deterministic to more complex stochastic and discrete-event) developing recently as a result of the rapid change of harvesting methods under the pressure of increased mechanization and forest energy harvesting. 

The working group´s final output has been a discussion paper which summarises scope, purpose and methods utilised by the studies that either have been, or are being carried out with the overall goal to improve and harmonize our understanding and approaches to System Analyses and Modelling in Forest Biomass Supply Chains research. [Stampfer, K., Visser, R. and Brown, M. (editors) 2013. Discussion document: system analysis and modelling in forest biomass supply chains. COST Action FP0902, Working group 4. 37 p.]

Furthermore, a review article on state-of-the- art system analysis tools was submitted to the Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering.


WG Leaders

Karl Stampfer, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna


Mark Brown, The University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia



List of participants

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